About Compulsive Writer

I am a compulsive writer. I get an idea in my head and I have to get it on paper at that moment. I cannot wait a second. I have to write it down. I write without reservations. I write for God. It is my mission. I write from my humanity and imperfection. I am simply doing my utmost to follow His will for my life. I write what comes into my head without the advantage or disadvantage of censorship. So take it for what it is worth. If I write something you find worthy of comment, let me know. If you agree or not, tell me anyway. I want to know the reaction my writing gives you, the reader. I am God’s unique creation and I am smart, outgoing, happy, loveable, cute, dependable, creative, kind, full of crap sometimes, and I can keep you guessing about what kind of crazy stunt I am going to pull next! I count blessings, use my imagination, keep confidences, seek wisdom, value truth, accept differences, forgive, love truly, keep an open mind, pray without ceasing, write obsessively and read every book I can get my hands on. God is my compass, inspiration, constant, foundation on which all things in my life are placed. He is the ink in my well, the pages on which I write the words in my soul. This is who I am; an imperfect human called by God to write…I am a writer.

The Forgotten by David Baldacci


imageThe Forgotten was my first experience reading David Baldacci. I had watched his books go in and out of my library almost daily. I was curious why people like them so much. I get it now after my first book! I am a believer.

I was hooked from the first line.

“He had the look of a man who was afraid that tonight would be his last on earth.”

Not your typical investigative thriller, but if you are a Baldacci fan you already know that. I think that the men in my life who say they don’t like to read would like this book.This book is about forgotten people of the world that become “product” and are sold is prostitutes, drug mules and slave labor. John Puller an Army investigator falls in to the strange case when he visits Florida to investigate his Aunt’s death. The story, to someone who lives close to where this tale is set, finds it hard to believe that this area could be a hub for such a large crime syndicate. That may be naive of me, but I think our law enforcement is better than that. Once I suspended my disbelief and let the story become real to me I was truly in awe. I actually listened to the book on CD in my car then read the print at home in the evening. The audio book was the first book that I have listened to that had sound effects when the action was happening. Very cool.

The Forgotten is the second in the John Puller series. I have not read the first one yet. There were hints that something big has just happened to Puller, so now I feel that I must find out what it was that he went though in Virginia. That story is titled Zero Day.

Give David Baldacci a try and let me know what you think. Apparently I am behind the eight ball on his popularity. Glad I finally read one.




Thanks Caitlyn

You can say anything you want about Caitlyn Jenner. For a second let’s not think about the famous person that she is and look at the reason she’s famous. Pushing aside if you agree with her or not, you have to admit, that sometimes being true to yourself is not always easy. Being an authentic version of yourself all the time, being who you are and not a fake simile of what your family or society say you must be is a brave thing to do.  How different would you look inside and out if YOU lived as your true self? What things do you hide to save face with family or friends? Have you ever said, “Oh, we just don’t talk about that..” or “I could never do that, what would they think about me if I did?”‘

Caitlyn is brave to be herself. Live her life her way no matter what the rest of us think.

Instead of arguing about whether Caitlyn Jenner is a hero or not we should be thanking her. She made it perfectly clear that physical beauty, feminine and masculine is often an illusion. If cosmetics, clothing, surgery and medication can turn an average looking sixty-five year old man into a gorgeous woman who looks maybe forty-five, we should be paying attention. We should be paying attention to what our children, girls and boys are seeing and hearing. We should be shocked that this kind of fake beauty is celebrated. So, thank you Caitlyn for bringing to light that we as a society value physical beauty more than courage or kindness. Don’t believe me? Just turn on the T.V. or pick up a magazine.

It is our responsibility to teach children that true real beauty comes from who they are not just what they look like. They are more than looks.

I do not care what lifestyle you choose to live. Any person can be beautiful. Real beauty is kind, generous, trustworthy, loyal, and brave. True real beauty is FREE.  A person who is beautiful on the outside but who is mean, rude, and wrongs other people is an ugly person. When life gets down to the nitty gritty of what is real, beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. It is in the heart of goodness and of doing what is right. Good looks, smooth skin, silky hair and nice body can be bought and manipulated. Exterior beauty will fade, but what you are in your heart and spirit is eternal. Let’s encourage not only our children but each other to be greater than what our looks dictate we should be. Let’s show the world what real and true beauty looks like.  Let’s celebrate that real true beauty comes from within not from what we can buy. Thank you, Caitlyn for starting the conversation that many are too afraid to start.





How I see it


For those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that I like to shake things up sometimes. My combination blog and book reviews with an occasional Sunday school life lesson thrown in is evidence of my cracked observations. Today, my dear reader will be no exception.

I watched the entire GOP debate last night. For my unpolitical self that was a true feat in endurance and patience. I found that I did yell at the TV more than once. It was similar to my reactions when I watch FSU football. (GO NOLES!)

What made me yell was that I heard a lot of “I did…” or “He/She did…” and not enough of ” I will…” This concerns me a great deal. Our country is in such a mess that we need a solid plan to fix what is wrong. I want to hear plans for fixing the crappy economy so that my husband and I can recoup the savings we had to burn up since Mr. Obama has been in office just so we can maintain the lifestyle we were used to.

I was shocked at the plan or lack thereof for several issues ( gun rights, equality, immigration, jobs) that about half way through I was about to give up and go to bed. Then I heard a few candidates, and I mean only three of them say “I will…” I perked my ears and listened.

To me the president should be a true patriot. Not a puppet for special interest money bags. He or she should be able to speak eloquently and clearly express what their intentions are when they are sitting in the most important chair in the world. He or she will work for me, the American people. He or she is a public servant on the highest level. It is the president’s job to protect my freedom in all ways possible. It is my job as an american citizen to support his or her mission by being a productive, caring, considerate citizen who upholds my part of the deal. I was impressed by a few of them last night, but none really swayed me to swear my allegiance to their camp.  Independence is a gift. Freedom is a honor that is compounded by the sacrifice of life. Being an American is a blessing.I want a president who is not afraid to be that strong pillar to stand for what is right, always. I want to know that the president who I get behind is that sort of unwavering patriot.

I hope that by November 2016 one candidate will come shining through with the plan to return America to its glory and get my beloved country out of the gutter it is currently occupying.

Last night I did not see that person, yet.

Searching for Grace Kelly by Michael Callahan


Michael Callahan’s novel Searching for Grace Kelly is set at New York’s Barbizon Hotel for women in 1955. The story revolves around three young women who become friends.  Debutante Laura Dixon is spending a month in the city as a “guest editor” for “Mademoiselle” magazine and is dreaming of being a writer. Laura’s roommate is Dolores Hickey, known as Dolly. Dolly is studying at Katie Gibbs Secretarial School and working a  as a typist in a small publishing house. British redhead Vivian Windsor works as a cigarette girl and is a singer waiting for her big break.

The story follows them through a summer of jobs, dates, parties, scandals and drama. Just what you would expect in a hotel full of young women. It is like Sex in the City 1955’s style.

The story reminds me of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar and is written just as glamorously with just as much crazy. I think that is why I enjoyed this book so much. I was reading it and didn’t realize that the author was a man. It is amazing to me the perspicacity on how young women think that came from a male author. He must have done loads of research and spoke to several older women who were in their twenties in 1955 to get the insight. It also has a Gatsby feel to it as well.

Overall a well written story that is completely engaging and brilliant. I can see it as a movie maybe directed by John Madden. I am going to keep an eye out for this author’s next release.

Truth or Death: Act One: A Prequel Novella (Bitter Ashes Book 1) by Sara C. Roethle


I agreed to review this novella for a fellow blogger/writer. At first I thought it would not be something I would enjoy, but I was surprised.  Overall I liked the story. It reminds me of other YA titles I have read recently, but has a certain kick that was unexpected.

I get that this book is a prequel and as a preview of a story it is sufficient. As a novella the story is interesting but could benefit greatly from an editor. There were a couple of places that didn’t mesh with other. ( heart not beating then a few lines later the heart is beating) Roethle’s style is a bit unpolished, but with a bit of work would be amazing.  There were some witty parts that had me laughing. Some scenes were gory and gross. I was eating a ham sandwich and didn’t barf. I don’t know if that says more about the book or more about me. I kept hearing an old writing professor in my head say, “Don’t tell me what happens show me!”  This book would be better with more show and less tell.

With that said, I am hooked and plan to read the rest of the story. It was captivating enough that I can look over the writing quirks and take pleasure in reading it.


The Beekeeper’s Ball by Susan Wiggd


imageThe Beekeeper’s Ball is the second book in the Bella Vista series following The Apple Orchard.

The second book in the Bella Vista Chronicles was as captivating as the first. There are still scenes with Tess and Dominic in this story but it focuses more on Isabel. Similarly to The Apple Orchard this book bounces from present day to the past. As the book delved deeper into history, an entire portion of the book described the Nazi invasion of Denmark and sheds light on the back story into what Magnus, Eva and Annelise endured.

This series is my first encounter reading Susan Wiggs. She has a style that is easy and interesting.The writing is a bit simplistic, which makes it an easy read. The voice of the book is consistent with the first and is just as intense. I found myself reading every chance I got just to see what happens next. Some parts were a bit slow and mundane but never for too long. I am looking forward to the next installment of the Bella Vista Chronicles.

Missing Pieces


I asked God why does he allow people we love to die? Why does he take them when to us it looks like they still had much life to live and much to do?  It’s hard grieving for someone that you know is not calling or coming back no matter how much you pray, beg, plead with God. We go through the motions of life missing their smile, their touch and their presence. We say that it gets easier with time. Well I do not know what idiot said that fist, but I can tell you it does not get any easier.

I did not get an answer to the why other than I know that God does not take someone until it is their time. When they have completed all they were meant to do. It may seem to us that they were not finished, but maybe God let’s their death be the catalyst for some other great work he wants completed.

Then I asked God to fill this hole in my being. This place where the missing pieces go that that person took when they went to heaven. I wailed and screamed at God that I can not spend the next fifty years missing what should be there. Am I mad at God? You bet I am, but what good does that do?

Finally in the silence my answer came. In the still small voice of God speaking directly to my soul, “I will fill you, I will fill all the deep dark holes in your heart with my love if you would just stop fighting.”

So, I gave up and gave it all to God.